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Reunion, Friday June 26, 2009

50th Class Reunion Pictures, June 27, 2009

Tom Paquin, Maureen, Sally
Sister Ellen Threrese, Rita

Marlyn and Mom
Gary Gueitti, Beverly
Francis (Butch) Corbett
Coach Plourde, Joe
Rita, Barbara, Maureen (Punky), Beverly
Beverly Petrelis, Jack, Mary
Emma, Beverly Petrelis

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Salute to Class of 1959 (Jim Provensal)

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(This is Emmy’s picture of the rainbow. Thanks Emmy)

During Bennington Catholic High's 50th class reunion at the Mount Anthony Country Club today, 15 white balloons were released to the heavens, representing the 15 departed classmates. As the balloons ascended, a rainbow appeared. (Lois Ostrander)
On September 7th, 1955, seventy seven young people assembled at St. Frances de Sales Academy to plant seeds, start traditions and launch the future of Bennington Catholic High School. They are truly our "Founding Fathers (and Mothers)" and have blessed us with so much. In June of 1959, this same class exploded like fireworks into the real world.

The reunion this weekend showed all, that their spirit is still alive, well, and radiating the glow of the initial fireworks. The class continues to set trends for the future.

As a member of the last graduating class of BCHS, I thank you and salute you all for giving us this spirit.

Jim Provensal
Class of 1967

Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Nostalgia by Jim Provensal

Saber Submissions by Jim Provensal & John Austin

A Message from Jim Provensal

The History of Bennington Catholic High School
Volume 1 of 9 – The Class of 1959

The above is now available on CD. It contains 1,566 pages of Yearbook and Newspaper articles from The Bennington Evening Banner, The North Adams Transcript, Troy Record, The Berkshire Eagle and others about the class of 1959.

Mary Forrest Norris ( has several copies that can be purchased and can get more if needed.

As a 1967 graduate of BCHS (the last class) I am honored to be able to help the first class of 1959 in their 50th reunion.

Jim Provensal
Germantown, TN 38138

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Open Forum/Trivia

Great place to exchange general information, leave messages, blog suggestions, or to post high school or alumni information. If you have any images or scanned documents send them to They will be promply imported.

Have any comment or trivia, feel free to post below. JEB

50th Class Reunion June 26 - 27, 2009

Do you believe it has been 50 years?

We are planning to celebrate our 50th reunion on June 26- 27, 2009. We are hoping to make it a festive weekend which will include a casual get -together Friday night, June 26 at Carmody’s West and dinner at the Mt. Anthony Country Club on Saturday evening, June 27 . Price: $50.00 per person will include both events.

Because we have to commit to reserving a room at the Country Club, we ask that you complete the form below and return it by March 13, 2009 either by mail to Susan Sheils Harrington at 778VT Rt. 78 East, Shaftsbury, VT 05262, or by e-mail to Mary Forrest Norris at Please include the requested information in your e-mail. Feel free to call Mary @ 802-447-3735 with any questions or comments.

More information will follow if you are interested in attending.

Hope you will be able to attend.

Class of 1959 Reunion Committee

Friday, April 17, 2009

BCHS School

Class Introduction

Fr Brennan Priesthood Journey

Graduating Class of 1959

(* Underlined name indicates link to more information)

Austin, John Anthony
Bowen Clark(Betit), Nancy Ann (Deceased October 15, 2005*)
Biggs, Corinne Margaret
Mix(Bronson), Mary Rose
Brown, Joseph Edward
Butler, Thomas Henry
Mahar(Carmody), John Thomas. Jr.
Carmody, Marilyn Ann
Cleary, Robert Francis
Colliano, Susan Rose (Deceased August 30, 2001*)
Cronin. Ann-Marie
Daniels, Garry James
Waters(Donovan), Elizabeth Jane
Norris(Forrest), Mary Julianne
Camerota(Galvagni), Jeanne Lorraine
Garant, Rita Barbara
Gauthier. Diane Elizabeth
Gauthier, Gary Leonard (Deceased Sunday, January 4, 2009*)
Giard. Joseph Roland
Guetti, Gary Joseph
Giard(Guetti), Patricia Marie
Hart, Peter Timothy (Deceased September 13, 2008*)
Higgins, Joseph Philip (Deceased January 18, 2009*)
Hogan, Bernard James
Honiker, Paul James (Deceased May 16, 2007*)
Shea(Hurley), Julianne Catherine
Miarckius(Jeski), Joan Carol
Judikic, Joseph Frank, Jr.
LeClair(Keith), Maureen Agnes
Drew(Kipp), Barbara Jean
Knapp, Charles Howard
Kornitzer, Robert Henry (Deceased March 19, 1996*)
Pratt(LaBarge), Philomene Isabelle
LaFlamme, Aline Claire
Crowley(LaFlamme), Mary Louise
Young(LaFranchise), Sandra Anne
Lynch(Langlois), Marlene Gail
Bietka(Lapan), Sally
LaRoche, Paul Leo
Letourneau, Pierre Joseph
Limoges, Elaine Marie
Daigneault(Longtin), Christine
Molloy, Lawrence Edward
Marcoux(Moore), Beverly Jo
Stratton(Morehouse), Janet Marie (Deceased January 9, 1985*)
Davis(Moretti), Maria Rose
Mulvey, James Stephen
McCarthy, Bernard William
Coulter(McGurn), Carol Martha
Tiechert(Nelson), Harriet Leslie
Brown(Oesterle), Sally Ann
Ouhl, Micheal
Pacher, Donald Eugene
Paquin, Thomas Tremblay
Specht(Proud), Mary Louise
Provencher, Daniel Richard (Deceased February 16, 2008*)
LeBlanc(Quackenbush), Joan Marie
Ryan, John Frederick
Bump(Sauer), Joan Marie (Deceased May 18, 1991*)
Bennett(Schiemenz), Ruth Irene
Harrington(Shields), Susan Judith
Shippey, Robert Anthony
Cleary(Shutts), Arlene Dorothy (Deceased September 18, 1988*)
Myers(Snow), Norma Marie
Strong, Neil Edward
Piritz(Stuka), Emma Elizabeth
Frasier(Taylor), Nancy Marie
Thomasi, Timothy James
Culpo(Turner), Mary Katherine
Ostrander(Vigneau), Lois
Vose, William Gordon
Walczak, Leo Francis, Jr. (Deceased May 13, 1991*)
Wildman, Clarence Webster, III (Deceased September 21, 1969*)
Roberto(Wilkie), Charlotte Ann (Deceased March 2009*)